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"Of all the liars
in the world,
the worst are
your own fears"
-Rudyard Kipling

Understand and recognize the manipulation tactics used to stoke primal fear and cause rational people to abandon their values, sense of decency towards neighbors & compassion for those in need. 

Misconceptions and Deceptions

Original Video 
Doctored video

Jericho Board of Education President, Bill Ferro addressed the community about hurtful emails he and the Board Of Education members have received about the Jericho Family Support Center. This video was doctored and posted on social media to deceive our community. This was an attempt to turn us against a good man who has voluntarily served our community honorably for over 12 years. His commitment to excellence for this district, our children and community is one of the reasons why the Jericho school district is so highly ranked. 

Who is Bill Ferro and what has he done for  Jericho?
Other Misconceptions and Deceptions

Facing Fears

Hiking Trail

 Expose yourself

to your

deepest fear,

after that, 



-Jim Morrisson

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge is Power

Information is Liberating

Kofi Annan
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