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I Choose Kindness Swag


Jericho is compassionate and kind. Let's show it!

When people drive through our community, they shall see signs of kindness. When we hold kindness events, we wear our kindness gear. We always wear our wristbands in solidarity to remind ourselves and others to always choose kindness, even when facing adversity. 

Kid's $15
I Choose Kindness mask $10
I choose kindness Tshirt Male.jpg
Men's $20
Wrist bands.jpg
wristbands $5
vinyl sticker $5
I choose kindness Tshirt Female.jpg
Woman's $20
lawnsign on the green with stakes.jpg
Lawn Signs free with
donation or purchase
Pay for your swag
Send payment through Venmo to @IchooseKindness
Your kindness swag will be sent when we receive your Venmo or donation equivalent to or greater than the cost
Donate to our gofundme

All donations will be used for 2 things:

  1. "Welcome Home" gift bags for each of the families

  2. Fund Kindness Events to Unify our Community in Kindness and repair our public image

*no money will go to CHI

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