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joined forces with 
to form the 
Jericho Kindness Coalition.
We invite you to join our  cause for kindness in Jericho. Let's embrace compassion and extend kindness to those in need and to our neighbors.

Jericho Kindness Coalition is for anyone in who doesn't want fight with their neighbors but also doesn't like the way our community is being represented as elitists who lack compassion. This is a way to show that a united force of kindness runs deep and wide in our community. 

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Membership categories:


SUPPORTER: Keep me updated on new development

PLAYER: I will attend Kindness events.


VOLUNTEER: I will volunteer to help set up Kindness events.

ACTIVIST: I will be actively involved in planning Kindness Coalition events

It's never too late

to do the

Right thing

Become a member of the Kindness Coalition

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Jericho Day of Kindness
September 26, 2020
Why Jericho Kindness Coalition Events are so important.

The "Concerned Jericho Parents" are having protests and inviting the media. They are the loudest voice of Jericho by which we are being judged.

Their callous protests leave our community branded with a reputation as heartless elitist who want to hurt people. We must show the world who we really are. We are a town of caring and compassionate people. We stand up for those in need and we choose kindness.

We are one community, yet this issue has us divided and social media posts have been hurtful and mean. We have somehow forgotten to be kind and respectful to one another even if we have different opinions.

Jericho needs to unite and heal. These events will be a way to do just that.

"Never, never be afraid

to do what's right,

especially if the


of a person or

animal is at stake.

Society's punishments

are small compared to

the wounds we inflict

on our soul when 

we look the other way"

-Martin Luther King Jr

John Lewis
"When you see
something that is 
You have a
moral obligation to 
But say it with Love...
and act with Kindness"
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